Baked Penne in Chicken Arrabiata Sauce

baked penne pasta
For the last two weeks I was at home, I observed a lot of things. The morning rush was slowly replaced by leisurely breakfast, and the pace of life becomes slower. I enjoy each and very passing moment of sitting by the patio, and ruminate about what to cook next. That seems more pressing matter, but somewhat I like this new calmness. This is a break well needed. And well deserved. I read through everyone’s blog’s gift guides, but instead of joining the bandwagon and present you with yet another list, I thought I would do you a favour and give you happy meals instead. The kind of happy meal that only Pasta Bake can deliver, with enriched tomato sauce, plenty of gooey cheese layered with roasted chicken. You would need some savoury in between all that cookie baking and peppermint candy binge, won’t you?
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