Chunky Guacamole Toastie

chunky guacamole toastie
Recently we welcomed a beautiful piece of dining table to our home. It was one of the quirks I get when Hubby goes shopping alone! Even though it makes the whole dining space much smaller thanks to its gigantic bench and solid wood features, it has become our favourite hangout place if you like.Even during ‘non-dining’ times. We made excused for more snacks and more nibbles in between. I thought it was a perfect time for more accessories so a few weeks later a box of mini french cutting boards arrived! All the way from the US, after so much anticipation. They are handmade by this talented lady, and after reading her bread story I was all the more keen to own a set to call our own. Even though you have seen those cute boards being used here before, this chunky guacamole toastie was the snack made especially to inaugurate those bread boards. [Read More...]

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