Gingerbread Pecan Pear Muffins

wild mushroom soup
Am I too early for the gingerbread season? I will not bore you with another weather moan, but let’s just say that you should make these gingerbread pecan pear muffins on any cold days, rainy days, moody days..with nice cozy sweaters and woolly socks on. Which was exactly what I did recently. The sound of a noisy kitchen whisk or mixer is my way to relax, it sounds so much better than the beeping noise of cardiac monitors or all the gadgets in intensive care wards. At least with the former there is a beautiful cake, flavoured muffins or fluffy meringue that awaits. Unlike the daunting fates of cardiac monitors. It feels good to come home to a clean kitchen only for me to make a mess again with my flurry of flours, melted butter splashing all over the stove and crystal sugar sprinkles that feel almost magical.Just like snow flakes on a wintry day. With a hot cup of cocoa in a hand and a whisk on other, the ritual began. But this one, this gorgeous muffin took us on a shortcut with baking time, yet you would not believe how delicious they are. [Read More...]

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