Should You Juice?

Should You Juice?
About few years back, I met a lovely couple who came for medical consult. The husband just had an operation done to remove his bowel cancer, and they were raving about the new juicing diet that they embarked on after the operation. That was also the time when juicing started to become quite trendy. The juicing regime works well for cancer patients especially in post-operative period as low residue diet is recommended (no fibre diet).I must admit that I learnt a lot about the different ‘recipes’ from these lovely couple, especially since they love to add fresh organic vegetables into the morning juice. I have been juicing for last 2 years, and recently upgraded to a slow juicer, more because we prefer the taste of fresh orange juice than anything store-bought which claims to be ‘preservative-free’ or ‘not from concentrate’. When it comes to whether juicing is really healthy, let’s explore more on the topic.
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