Pistachio and Olive Oil Tea Cakes

leo vanilla cupcake
5 pm. That’s my favourite time on working week, especially with the midday doozy snoozy feel and the need for hot cuppa tea. It is also the ideal time to indulge in some light afternoon tea cakes, a pick-me-up that does not spoil the mood for dinner nor too indulgent for the waist. I found my solace today in these Pistachio Olive Oil tea cakes. A breeze to make and lots of baking fun with my little one. This simple cake recipe will also inaugurate a new category in this blog, ‘Baking with Toddler’- as I think you may be less intimidated too to let your little one roam free in the kitchen after you read through this recipe! But let me tell you, this is a great recipe for adults too, just in case you need to sneak in some selfish midnight baking.. [Read More...]

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