Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Indulgent..Moreish..Irresistible!

chocolate molten lava cake
Molten lava cake! My extremely chocolatey treat for you today. Despite the usual health conscience , I am well aware of the need to give in to occasional indulgent treat. I am not one for elaborate baking when the craving calls, but I won’t be too desperate for 2-min microwave cake, thank you very much, when I can make this chocolatey indulgent in less than 20 mins! Yes you heard me right. I call this ‘from oven to mouth’ in less than 20 mins, because it truly is a quick dessert. So much so that the oven is preheated just as I start melting the chocolate in microwave! This is also a quick project for baking with toddler. One bowl. One whisk. Ingredients from your pantry. Are you sold? [Read More...]

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