It was circa 1990, and probably one the happiest period of my life. It was also the last two years I stayed home. Before the fateful boarding school that ironically marked ‘life away from home for good’. We were a bunch of close-knitted siblings, uncles and aunties of almost similar young age who would gather… 

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Sweet Kitchen Hot Demo Seat and Book Giveaway

I am here with a great announcement. One of my blogger friends, Anh has teamed up with another Anh, the owner of Kitchen Art shop in Vietnam, to publish a very interesting cookbook with an Asian twist. Expect macha flavour scones, Asian style madeleines, the fluffiest pandan cake and gorgeous medley of tropical flavours and… 

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za'atar garlic knots

Za’atar Garlic Knots and a FREE Gardening 101 and Herby Recipes Booklet!

It is the time of the month again where I revealed a sneak peak of this month’s BBC GF Asia issue, where I share recipes and a little story every month. With the gardening getting more serious and threatening to overtake the cooking hobby if at all, I decided to write more about gardening, specifically… 

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caramelised banana pancake

Mini Caramelised Banana Pancakes and Kids’ Lunch Box Printable

A lot of us are blessed people. We run food blog with exotic ingredients and tongue twisting recipe names. We dine in fine restaurants and take our kids for beautiful holidays. So much so that we associate fine living to normalcy, and things that we do not see in our surrounding tend to be conveniently… 

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black bean tartine

Homemade Pita Bread | Pita bread Ideas

          One of my stress busters after a ‘fun’ all nighter on-call is usually bread-baking. There is something soothing about mixing the dough with hands, and getting messy with the kid. The excitement of seeing a risen dough being punch down again with release of air, and shaping them with hands… 

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teh tarik

Malaysian Tea Tarik Halia | Pulled Ginger Tea

Every once in a while, I have this sudden craving for home. The urge to just pack an overnight suitbag and drive. Or few years back, the urge to just book a plane and go. Home in this case, ironically, is the place where I spent the shortest period of my life. Weird, isn’t it?… 

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apple sauce

Homemade Applesauce

If there is one thing I regret not doing whilst I was still in the UK, it would be making time for apple picking. How things were taken for granted, and yet missing them out when the opportunity is no longer there! Whilst it will take some time to taste the gorgeous flavours of freshly… 

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fruit salad

Mixed Berry Salad in Lemon Balm Honey Syrup

I told you already about my little ‘garden’. The small patio which we gather around after work or weekends, to enjoy the beauty of petunias and orchids, and inhale the sweet smell of oregano and mint, whilst sipping our favourite cuppa to end the day.  I usually associate after-work tea with a slice of dessert,… 

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healthy banana bread

Healthy Banana Bread

Have you ever wondered why a loaf of cake would ever be called ‘bread’? In my naive days ( read: pre- food blogging days ), any form of cake whether in round pan, loaf pan, cupcase or even bundt pan will be called cakes, known as cakes, and served as cakes. No funny bread business… 

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beef rib soup

Spaghetti in Beef Rib and Haricot Beans Stew

It finally rained in Singapore after more than 2 months of draught. For someone who gets agitated easily with the all-year-long Indian summer, I welcomed the rain with open arms. My old urn of beans also thanked me for not being abandoned anymore. There is something magical about the warmth of simmering casserole in cold… 

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ghee recipe

Homemade Ghee

It’s funny how life takes its twists and turns at unexpected corners, and before you realised it you are a different person altogether. How one’s cooking style change over the course of years, and what was foreign once becomes part of us. More than 15 years ago I left home for a foreign land. Alongside… 

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