Oreo Vanilla Cupcakes, with retro frosting!

leo vanilla cupcake
I’If it wasn’t for the smudge on the box, I would have thought that they were shop-bought!” Said the Hubs on the phone after he delivered a big batch of cupcakes to our little one’s kindergarten’s function. Of course that comment made my day, especially since these days I hardly make cupcakes. Are you in love with cupcakes as much as I do? No matter how much I love those cutie pies, I only bake them for occasions. Since this time it was Teacher’s day potluck party, it was a reason special enough for me to whip out a batch of those lovely cupcakes, and frosted them with my famous Swiss Meringue Buttercream. The SMB is the most searched recipes on the blog, with good reason I suppose! The frosting is light, almost cloud-like and complements those classic cupcakes really well. That is my go-to frosting as I prefer that than the heavier buttercream. [Read More...]

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