A Royal Fruit Cake from With A Spin

A royal fruit cake

Today’s post is rather special as I have my dear good friend Lail to lavish us with her Royal Fruit Cake. Lail has graced my humble space before with her authentic Bangladeshi Gurer Shondesh ( Ricotta fudge) recipe a while back and I am so excited to have her here again. I was at her potluck party the other day which was fun! Nope, I didnt fly all the way to Texas ( though I wish I did!!), with God’s willing I hope I can meet Lail one day soon and have a little bake together with her lovely daughter as well.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Lail with lots of belated birthday wishes. You must check out her blog which is full of inspirational ideas, crafts, Bangaldeshi as well as world cuisine. [Read More...]

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