Courgette Noodles in Walnut Pesto (Zucchini in Walnut Pesto)

zucchini salad in pesto
I am not one who likes to talk about the weather, but I think the current terrible haze in Singapore has got something to do with my never ending bronchitis. I would rather lay dormant in bed than be up and about like my old chirpy self, but the daily work has to go on and the house needs to be managed. I tried to attack my immune system with all sorts- concentrated Vitamin C, annoying antibiotics, cod liver oil, honey and lemon. You name it, I’ve tried it. I realised that perhaps its my body telling me to slow down, to let go of things which are non significant and focus deeper into the bare essentials. I primed my meals based on the vitamins I need, reduce the meat intake and up the oily fish and veggies. That was when this simple lunch was created. Ribbony courgette tossed with cherry tomatoes, simmered in walnut pesto concoction. Something simple but really good for health. No bread or rice needed. Just a plate of this salad is enough for a great lunch. [Read More...]

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