Vanilla Malt Horlicks Ice-Cream Sundae | BBC GF Asia August 2014

Horlicks Ice-cream Sundae

Do you know that I have never posted a sundae or milkshake recipe here on the blog? Utter disgrace that is, for a toddler’s mom, I can rest assure you that she has endless supply of ‘healthy’ homemade ice-creams every now and then but somehow, we were never really big on sundaes. Or milkshake for that matter. Plain ice-cream satiates me, especially when it is my favourite flavour like Horlicks! Did you grow up with Horlicks or Milo? Tell me yes, and we can share a scoop of Horlicks Ice-cream. Or let’s indulge in a Sundae, like what I did for BBC Good Food Asia column this month. This month’s write-up is all about local flavours. [Read More...]

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