This month in BBC Good Food Asia: Valentine’s Special

My column this month for BBC Good Food Asia magazine is packed load of delicious good-for-your heart recipes, in keeping with the special theme that always clouds in February: Valentine’s. In the spirit of love, those delicious recipes are especially tailored for heart healthy menu so we can show some love to our ol’ ticker too.

Pomegranate Strawberry Spritzer
Indulge in low calorie ‘mocktail’ with pomegranate spritzer. Pomegranate is de rigeur now, but do you know that pomegranates contain punicalagin, a substance that not only lowers the cholesterol, but also melts away the existing atherosclerotic plaque from our coronary blood vessels? 
 Quinoa with red pepper and aubergine stew, recipe here.
Poussin Cassoulet with homemade Ravioli

I am also sharing some tips on how to make the perfect ravioli from scratch, and enjoy it with cassoulet. Unusual combination, yes, but such delicious meal especially on those cold weekend nights.
Chocolate Hazelnut Sponge Cake
Of course, there must be a celebration cake. A healthier version of chocolate hazelnut sponge, drizzle with dark chocolate which is good for the heart and brings a lot of love too.
The BBC GF Asia magazine is available in all bookstores and newspaper agents across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Enjoy the read!


  1. says

    hi dr jehanne, wow! a perfect valentine treat for me…everything look soooo beautiful, appetizing and gourmet…. cant sleep well tonight thinking of these foodies. ha ha. i learnt how to make ravioli once.. love that salmon fish filling. looking forward to refresh my memory from your coming post… cos i never make ravioli again after that

  2. says

    wow… all pics are fantastic… mouth watering!!
    can we have a recipe on the cake and its decoration… wish i could make such a beautiful looking cake… :)

  3. says

    BBC Good Food!!! This shows how excellent you are Jehanne. I get a copy over here through my colleague, even though it is the Middle East version. That cake looks deadly… I don’t think I would be able to eat that!!! Thank you so much dear for dropping in with the comments, would love to keep in touch with u!

    Lot of love,

    • says

      Hi Rafeeda,
      I am really touched, I hope that u enjoy coming to this blog and try out the recipes here. Unfortunately the BBC GF Asia content is slightly different than the Middle East version ( though 60% of content is similar ie uk recipes)..I will be posting the magazine recipe as archives 2 months from the issue date- check them at ‘my monthly column’ icon on main page:-)

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