Celebrating my cookbooks release! Matcha Chocolate Macarons

Those of you who attended my cooking demo with Le Creuset last December have already known about this. Friends on FB have already shared the good news. The closest family members have even shared the ‘trial and tribulations’ of being the food tasters for the last seven months..yet I kept mum about it from this blog, for fear that I could not deliver.
To recap the publishers knocked on the door seven months ago, metaphorically speaking, and we agreed on the BOOK DEAL! Now, now, if you are blogger, or even non-blogger as a matter of fact, you would know how cookbook deal is the ultimate dream, so I was over the moon when the contract was finally signed! Naturally I wanted to write on heart-healthy theme, as I feel that it is the right opportunity to inject medical ‘preaching’ in a fun way, and being minis in size, the books are quite fun and colourful! We came up with the idea of 4 mini cookbooks..
Soups and Stews.. Snacks..Desserts..Everyday Meal..35 heart healthy recipes in each book. 140 recipes in total. Just to give you a tease and sneak peek…and click on each title to pre-order the books at Amazon.

So just as finished doing my dances last autumn, the reality hit me. In few short months, I needed to develop the recipes, try them out, cook them to perfection, style and photograph the pictures, write the text and send them all to publisher. Now you know why I wasn’t confident that I could finish them at all, whilst maintaining the busy doctoring job, and busier job being a mom and a wife. Yet, this was something that I am passionate about so I made time for the book project. Did it slowly, burnt the midnight oil whilst the household is silently sleeping, rushed back home from work to chase after the late afternoon sunlight for my photos, scribbled notes after notes of new recipes, spent the last 6 months’ worth of weekend cooking, baking and photo shooting! And just as we flew away for holidays, I also handed in my manuscripts to Marshall Cavendish, the lovely publishers who believe in me, and my work all this while on this blog.
So as the books finally hit the pre-orders all over the world here, here, here and here, I thought that this is the right time to share with all of you here, as without all of your lovely comments and encouragement, I wouldn’t have toiled over the project, neither would I keep this blog going. In fact many a time, I do feel that the ‘blog world’ can impose its own challenges as well, not everyone is happy for you,  fellow blogger friend who decides not to be friends after hearing the good news,yes, it can be very negative and very upsetting. It is also daunting to see how others fare so well with thousands of followers and in social media with recipes that blatantly do not work, or worse, copied from others. It’s worse than hospital politics!!

Yet I am happy in my comfort zone, and I am happy that the little world I created here less than two years ago has extended its life into monthly food magazine column and now cookbooks that can reach out wider audience. Thanks to this humble blog, I also came to know so many wonderful people out there, kind-hearted fellow bloggers and like minded people who are truly supportive of The Cooking Doctor, dropping by every time a new post is up or whenever good or bad news are shared.

Some early comments that kept me going…

Deeba PAB on 17/7/11:Thank you for stopping by Jehanne. I absolutely love this tart. Yum!! on Caramelised Red Onion and Goats’ Cheese Tart

Vimitha on 2/8/11:That looks so perfectly baked and yum…. great job dear… on Toffee Profiteroles with Chantilly Cream

Sumee on 16/9/11: Ummm.. I could almost dip my hands into that soup!!! Liked your blog. Happy to follow you..:o) on Daring Cook Sept Challenge:Aromatic Oxtail Soup and Homemade Baguette 

Hyma on 4/10/11: hey Jehanne…one more dleicious recipe…would hv been good if u had shared pics on the rolling and shaping of the dough:-) on Curry Puffs 

Kitchen Boffin on 16/5/12: wow! first time here… you have a gorgeous blog! fell in love with it instantly.. following you.. on Couscous made Pecan Shortbread Cookies..and Happy Mother’s Day!

And I am glad that nearly two years on, those who came by to visit the blog are still visiting with much love, thank you girls! I made new friends all over the world, with the only common interest in good food, a lot of them I haven’t met in person yet they seem more real than a friend in person. Rosa from SwitzerlandSawsan from Jordan , Lubna from Bangalore, Deeba from Delhi, Wan Maznah from my own country Malaysia, Akeela from Toronto, Shabs from UK, Rafeeda, the new friend from Sharjah, and so many more that I don’t mention here yet form the important network and spine of this blog, you may not know how some simple words you said made my day.
I hope all of you will like the books, one of them or all four of them. Some are simple recipes made healthier, and some are flamboyantly gorgeous, yet still maintain the ‘healthy theme’. There is a small chapter on heart-healthy eating in each book, and every single recipe comes with a description of why it is heart-healthy, and of course a beautiful photo of the dish. The best part, all the dishes are created in my humble home, shot and styled by yours truly before eaten by my family and friends- now I hope I can extend that gesture and let the recipes shine in your family’s everyday lives too.
You can get the book anywhere in the world, and to celebrate their release this summer, I am hosting a series of giveaways for my lovely readers, so join in the fun. And since a lot of you have asked about how I organise my time in the kitchen or blog etc, stay tuned for posts coming up soon on ‘time management’, ‘essentials of kitchen pantry’ plus of course more on food styling and photography.
As for today, I shall leave you with these matcha and chocolate macarons, a sweet blessing  to cherish the news. Macarons with healthy twist using green tea powder ( matcha) and pure blissful dark chocolate, to commemorate the 140 heart-healthy recipes that consumed me for the last 7 months. Sip away your hot tea and pre-order those cutie books!

Matcha Chocolate Macarons

90 g aged egg white
200g minus 1 tbsp icing  sugar
1 tbsp matcha powder
115 g fine almond powder
40 g fine granulated sugar

100g dark chocolate with 55% cacao

1. Sift the almond powder, icing sugar and matcha powder ( green tea powder) into a large mixing bowl. Ideally sift twice.
2. Beat the egg white until soft peaks are formed and add the granulated sugar.
3. Once stiff peaks are formed, slowly add into the almond mix.
4. Form macaronage and pipe into macarons. Bake for 140 C for 20 minutes.
5. Melt the chocolate using double boiling technique. Once cooled spread between mac shells.

Note: What I post here is a very simplified method, as you can learn all about macarons in my previous posts here and All About Macaron is dedicated just for the techniques and tips.


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    That’s so sweet of you…..I already told u….I happy and proud to know you through blogging…..U are awesome…May Allahtala give you strength to rock on….Lots of love….Hug on books…..Keep rocking….I am always a message away….u know that….muah….that pics look outstanding….

  2. says

    Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS!! So proud of you my friend! I’m sure gonna order your book — not sure which one?!! Hugs and best wishes all the way from Doha, ♥

  3. says

    Wow!! Congratulations, Jehanne. You rock! I had no idea. Look forward to buy a copy of your book and going through amazing recipes and photos.

    The macarons look delicious.

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    Congratulations Jehanne on the GREAT news!
    I am really SO proud of you!
    Wishing you more and more success and I am sharing this on facebook! I am sure many people would love to get your books

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    wow…. fantastic piece of news… My hearty congratulations to you… The cook book cover looks fabulous… i am sure your recipes will be fantastic and readers would surely be very happy after buying the book :)

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    I came again to read this post Jehanne…it is really inspiring to me….I always wonder how you do this….Hats Off to you sweetheart….Now that time management one caught my attention….waiting for that post….Love you lots…keep rocking…I am sure you re going to do much more than this….

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    Hi, I have stumbled across your blog from foodgawker. Love the macaron picture. Very nice blog you have here Jehanne! It’s also very impressive of how you could balance your professional life, family life and yet still have time to pursuit your hobbies. I’m also in healthcare professions so I understand how crazy life can be to juggle between work and family. Great job on the amazing photos and Congratulations!

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