Fabulous Food Fotography Friday: Champagne Grapes

A while back, I started a weekly event called Fabulous Food Fotography Friday, an exercise for me to improve my photography skills, and also an event for us photography lovers to share our best shot of the week in the round-up. You may know by now how terrible I am at promoting the blog, and as a result the event just had to be abandoned..!

Well that is not to say that I have stopped my photography exercises. In between day job and adhoc photoshoot assignments, every time I see something that tickles my fancy, I’d take a snap of it and note the manual setting that I like about the picture. Along the way, I think those little exercises have improved my phtography, far from perfect but the progress is there.
As a lot of you have asked about photography, and emailed about styling tips, I have now updatted the ‘photography’ page on the main header or click here.


It would be nice to resurrect the FFFF event, and I’m glad to receive an entry from a blogger. Round-up as below:

Canon 5d MkIII  24-105 mm; ISO 200 f/4.0 1/20

Simple housekeeping rules:
  • Email me your nice shots between Friday to Thursday and I will include it in the round-up the following Friday.
  • Images can be anything really, food related shoots of any kind, even without text/recipe. It can be raw ingredients, photos you took on your morning buys in the market, ingredients mise en place before you bake, kitchen utensils, colours of the fruits, vintage styling of crockery..basically any shoot that you are most proud of and want to share with the world!
  • For bloggers, you can post the image on your blog the Friday when the round -up is, and put the link back to the event so your readers can see other entries as well.
  • For non-bloggers, I will mention your entry as per your email, so you can participate too!
  • In your submission email, it would be ideal if you could provide the type of camera you used, lens and the setting ( auto/manual..ISO, shutter speed etc), but that is again optional.
  • Maybe if we get a lot of entries, then we can even host a contest for the photos sent!
I will dedicate each Friday for this event and from next week I will also include series of tips on styling and photography. Just let me know what you want to see included in the ‘tutorials’.
Hope to see your entries in! Click here for more details.


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