Tamarind and Date Aqua Fresca..and Tupperware Giveaway winner

Yay! The blog is back in operation.
After soem difficult days and the blog disappeared completely from Google yesterday, at last I am relieved that this website is back to normal.
So let me sip my drink and breathe in, breathe out deeply this weekend. 

You can tell that I am not good at arranging my flowers- they are as cluttered as life can be sometimes! But I go by the motto that stares on me every time I walk into my little ‘studio’ corner..

Happiness is not a destination..It is a Way of Life ‘.

And staying true to the mantra, I always believe that the best thing in life can be achieved by embracing the simplicity that boosts everyday life into an extraordinary life.
Like dropping by to the florist just to get the babys breath..as truthfully, they brings more life to the lonely rose.
Or painting free style on a simple drop cloth.
And dancing away to the tune of music in the shower.
Or making cake pops with my Popette, who loves to teach me how to whisk eggs!
Or a simple kiss and cuddle from my mom.  Then the world is a wonderful place.

It is also the best time for a simple Tamarind Date Aqua Fresca. Sounds so exotic isn’t it? But it is really just a blend of tamarind pulp, pitted dates, a wee bit of sugar and water. Boiled and blend to form a thick syrup, better than any drink in the shop.
See,  how simplicity can be translated into exotic tongue rolling words, and it looks so much better?

So I leave you with this refreshing drink. Even if you have not tried tamarind in a drink before, I am sure you will love it. And weekend is so much better with it!

Tamarind and Date Aqua Fresca
 Adapted from Bon appetit

1 cup full of pitted, chopped dates ( I prefer Medjool but anything goes)
1/3 cup tamarind pulp
3 tbsp sugar
1 cup water

1.  In a saucepan, boil the dates with tamarind pulp, sugar and water until a thick sauce is formed.
2. Steep off the heat for an hour.
3. If you are making cordial, sieve on coarse mesh and strain as much liquid out as possible. Store in a bottle for up to a week.
4. For immediate use, blend the steeped liquid with 3 cups of cold water and ice cubes.

Note: I didn’t strain the liquid as I like the foam from the liquid, and used the mix immediately into my drink. 


On housekeeping note, the winner for Tupperware Modular Set collection goes to Elly, who answered:

What is yur fav kitchen tool: Whisk

Results powered by Random.org

Pls email me you address so I can send the gift!


  1. says

    Never tried any drink with dates and tamarind in it…sounds really good though and I can feel how the two tastes might mingle together. Beautiful pics as always jehanne :-)

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