Portobello and Zucchini Filo Parcels..with step-by-step!

My husband doesn’t like sweet stuff ( or so he says! despite sneaking some brownies at midnight;-)..so with a lot of sweet baking at home, instead of giving some compliments all I get these days are complaints.

” Have you stopped making savoury stuff these days?”
” For heaven sake, more cakes! Can I not have some crunchy stuff instead with my tea?”

Admittedly my savoury repertoire is very much limited; which I am trying to compensate in this blog as well. One fine day when I saw some lovely portobello mushrooms in the Grocer’s, my brain finally wired in some savoury thoughts, which resulted in these scrumptious, crunchy filo parcels.

Only they tasted much better than what I initially thought!

I had some filo pastry in the freezer which really became handy for this delicious appetizer. The filling was made using zucchini, lots of cherry tomatoes and some chicken breast, more like a cross between a stir-fry and a ratatouille. It tasted good on its own! The stash of filo that I needed for a dozen of filo parcel was the leftover after making some bakhlava earlier for the book. I made a mental note to try this filling next time sans chicken, in a wrap or as spring rolls as the flavours from mushroom, zucchini, tomatoes and italian herbs complement each other very well here.
Making filo parcels were initially quite intimidating as I never tried a ‘drawstring’ shape, usually it is always a triangle pastry, or layered. This is how I made it this time. I managed to persuade Hubs to take Cousy down to the playground so at least I can click away without my sous-chef ‘helping’!
When working with filo pastry, I like to keep them tucked in a tea towel if not using immediately; they tend to dry out fast and become less pliable. For making parcels, I cut the filos into squares of 10x10cm and stack them like the picture above with generous brushings of extra virgin olive oil in between layers. Then spoon the filling in the middle before gathering all the edges and twist gently to form a drawstring parcel. More olive oil is brushed on the exterior to give a golden brown sheen upon baking, and they are crispy too. Easy?
By the time the Hubs and Cousy came up from their runs and plays, those crispy filo parcels were waiting to be served, hot from the oven with some homemade chilli-pepper jam ! That jam recipe will be in the BBC Good Food Asia next month’s issue:-).  I loosened up the jam consistency with a dash of water to create the dipping sauce. These filo parcels were delicious!
 The filling is forgiving, you can really create whatever filling you like, or swap the filo to something else. I shall leave you with these fantantic ideas, good enough for your weekend entertaining or a simple afternoon tea for two, or a crowd! Omit chicken for vegetarian option, and make this yummy snacks for the kids too:-)
Happy weekend all!


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    These are gorgeous and I bet they were delicious but really, who complains about cake?! :)

    PS: Congratulations on the BBC feature! I hope you’ll link it up when it comes out. I’d love to see it!

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    These portobello and zucchini parcels are so adorable. They really are perfect savory snacks, too. What a lucky husband! 😉

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