Hong Kong style Egg Noddles

We, as a family, like simple things in life. 

Like a slice of buttered toast. 
Half boiled eggs. 
Sweet or salty homemade lemonade. 
Egg noodles for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Or any kind of noodles for that matter.
So you won’t find caviar,  tongue twisting menus on our table, in case you ask.
But homemade stuff? Oh yes!

Whilst I won’t be caught queuing at the nearest Hawker centre for a plate of mee (noodles), I can easily be spotted with similar kind of dishes, cooked from scratch in the comfort of my little kitchen, preservative free and certainly MSG free! I am watching with bemused interest the recent Gordon Ramsay versus Singapore local hawkers challenge, whether the local street food is on par with Michelin-starred restaurant meals. If you ask me, I would say street food wins hands down anyday. anytime.


Just like fashion, food trend comes and goes. Now ‘Street Food’ is in, and paleo or gluten-free trends are passé. Street foods are the kind of my foods that I grew up with, so I am happy to see that it is de rigeur. There is something comforting about a bowl of hot, steaming noodles soaked in simple ginger and soy sauce, with variations of add-ons. Some days the add-ons are adventurous and beefy, some days just simple tofu or mushrooms. 

These days everybody is raving about soba noodles, but let me just settle with my old humble yellow egg noodles, shall we? Foods that evoke memories always taste best on the palate. This kind of noodles bring me back to packed lunches and primary school canteen menus, the good old days! 

What’s your favourite, comforting Street Food?


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    street foods the best. Its funny how you mentioned how everyone is talking about soba noodles, as I type I am eating them but I can totally relate the nostalgia with egg noodles and Asian sauce at the cafeteria :)

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    The noodles look so darn good Jehanne. Love street food as well and my fav would be the pani puri and chaats that we get in India. And not to forget my homestates Appam and chicken fries and pazhampori …mmmm. I’m craving street food now ;-P

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    Sometimes, the simplest foods are, like, the best things there are. Especially when all you want to do is curl up on the comfy corner of the sofa and slurp up something delish.


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