Lamb Karahi and Saffron Rice

We have the newest member of the family. Actually since the past few weeks, I am sorry I did not divulge sooner, but yes, congratulations is in order! I would say this is more of ‘love re-ignited’, as finally after decades of absence, this permanent fixture, quite literally, is now sitting in our lounge happily. After much persuasion, my parents finally let it go so it will get a better place in our house, instead of sitting at their backyard collecting dust, ageing with much neglect. My folks who kind of scoffed my idea of blogging and photography during early days, are now surprisingly very supportive. ‘ This will be handy for your photos’, they said as they handed this ‘antique’ possession to me, a possession that they had even before I was born.

It is none other than this shabby chair, which raised eyebrows of guests coming to the house and was given the respectful nods of those who appreciate this kind of trendy vintage these days for food phtoography. Shooting food is what I look forward to on weekends, as with high paced schedule, it is the only time when elaborate meals are prepared. Meat will be marinated on Friday night and all the spices are dry roasted and blended, so the lunch fare the next day is made easier. I like that. It also means less time by the stove, and family time is maxed out on the table.

This lamb Karahi, traditionally a dish from Peshawar, is cooked in a steel pot ( Karahi or Kadai ) on low heat over hours. The spice flavours need the time to infuse and blend in with the meat. This is probably the only step needed to make the dish so delicious. I took a shortcut route, and use a slow cooker or also known as crock-pot when making this dish. Fuss-free with minimal hands-on!


Two special ingredients that I used for this dish is the almond powder, and vine tomatoes cut in half. Every time The Husband does grocery, I almost always expect some not-on-the-list goodies for my baking or cooking, this time its those gorgeous vine tomatoes- some already went into pasta or eaten on its own!

This saffron rice really complements well with any type of meat dishes, or even thick and spicy vegetable stew. I thought I would share it here as well, so you bookmark both for an elaborate lunch this coming weekend!

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  1. says

    Our home back home also has some antique furniture my HD took frm his ancestral house… that includes a chair so similar… :) I’m coming home Jehanne, pls keep some chawal n gosht ready… :)

  2. says

    The Lamb & saffron rice combination is amazing. Love your clicks & a new additon:) I have been looking for one of these & unfortunately still looking. Back homein India it is so easy to just run into the estate/ farm & pick whatever you want.

  3. says

    Love the new addition to the family :) A treasure for a food photographer indeed :) Also, love both recipes – and the pics. Great flavours going in there!

  4. says

    Haha.. That’s a new addition with benefits :) YUp, looks like antique is in the season now 😉 As u said, bookmarked both the recipes for an elaborate weekend lunch :)

  5. says

    Loved that chair….Curry looks so delicious..
    Today while I was walking back after picking lil one from nursery I saw a renovation work going on at a house and they had some wooden fence with a great antique look removed and kept on roadside to be removed .I so wanted to pick that up but I did control myself from taking it !!

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