Mint Pomegranate Tabbouleh and feature on Cosmopolitan Middle East!

In few days time it will be Ramadhan, the holy month of Muslims all over the world. Ironically despite being the month of fasting, food is always the centrepiece throughout the month. Iftar              (breaking fast) dinner invites, easy meals for suhoor ( meal before sunrise ), supper after Taraweekh 
(special long prayer every night of the month), and the most anticipated of all, Eid to celebrate at the end of it all.
In some parts of the world like Malaysia, we even have Bazaar Ramadhan which consists of make-shift stalls selling arrays of delicacies, meals in the box, burgers, satays, noodles and ten million kind of drinks( totally not exaggerating)- but I personally prefer homemade food during this month. Certain types of food takes precedence, particularly traditional meals for family iftars. One easy meal that I love making throughout the month is tabbouleh, a dish that requires no cooking, no baking and ready in less than 10 minutes.

With bulgur wheat as the main bulk of tabbouleh, the preparation is as easy as soaking the bulgur with hot, boiling water and add in chopped mint, parsley, coriander, nuts and spices to flavour the meal. No two tabboulehs are every the same in our house! One of my favourite combination is mint and pomegranate, which I am sure will feature often on our ramadhan menu rotation this year. This recipe is also featured in my BBC GF Asia magazine column this month.

The other combination that tickle my fancy is coriander and pine nuts to replace mint-pomegranate combo; both creations taste awesome!
On separate note, I am delighted to share that my Qabuli Pilaf recipe is featured on Cosmopolitan Middle East magazine this month! I hope my readers in UAE will get the copy of the mag, as it is jam packed with lots of Ramadhan recipes for this July/ August issue. I am particularly happy as it took me near about 10 shoots before the photo meets the standard required by Cosmo, and they somewhat agreed that they don’t need professional photographer in to do the shot for me, phew! Any thumbs up on the photography really makes me ecstatic.
Until next time, do bookmark this tabbouleh recipe. up your greens intake with this delicious salad-like dish which taste million times nicer than a plain salad! I have also created a dedicated page on ‘Ramadhan Special‘, where all the archive and new blog post related to Ramadhan will be linked there, and also recipe ideas from others that I have tried and tested. Please feel free to leave a comment on that page, or here, if you want me to link your recipes there.


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    Mint and Pomegranate is a fav combination of mine Jehanne. Love the flavours in that tabbouleh – And that Pom shell click – How did you get it so neatly! By the time I take all the seeds out, my pom shells get broken into so many pieces :)

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    Your Mint Pom Tabbouleh sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try it. And big congrats on being featured on Cosmo! Your photography is very professional! They made the right decision that there is no need on hiring another one. 😉 Great job!

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    I’m really nervous about Ramadan this year…the days are so long! And we’re moving in the middle of it all. Should be an interesting month.

    The Tabbouleh looks delicious! Great pictures.

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    I love the Mint and Pomegranate combination. Love the way tabbouleh looks. Your clicks are awesome & Happy to know that your recipe is featured. Off course your pics are great & you definitely don’t need any external photographer. I love the Ramadhan season. Growing up in coorg, we were surrounded by Northern kerala Muslim neighbors who would share all the yummy delights. hAPPY Ramadhan & enjoy this season. I looks forward to your Ramadhan recipes.

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    My favorite, specialy in Ramadan, I can break my fasting eating only tabbouleh. Many thanks from Good Cooks.
    Jehanne it looks like your blog setting doesn’t accept the wordpress blogs, I tried to fill my blog name when commenting but it keep adding me as anonymous.

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