Qabuli Pilaf, book reviews and giveaway by BBC Good Food !

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my excitement that Cosmopolitan Middle East has pitched in my recipe of Qabuli Saffron Pilaf for their issue this month. As luck has it, they have also sent me the pdf of the particular page, so I can share the tearsheet with all of you here! Despite writing for my own column in BBC GF Asia since January, each magazine issue brings renewed excitement, and this time even more so as it;s new territory..Cosmopolitan! Middle East!

Their enthusiasm for my recipe and accepting my amateur photography work is heartwarming-sometimes it is the little ‘acceptance’ like that, which brings happiness to everyday blogging. Cosmo this issue is full of Ramadhan recipes, and befitting the theme is this pilaf, originally an Afghani cuisine.

Every Ramadhan, different menu would be featured on our kitchen table- and rice variety is one of the favourites. Different mix of similar spices would surprisingly produce different flavours of the rice, most are enjoyed with meat dishes. This Qabuli pilaf is big in flavours, and use the most expensive spice in the world, saffron. A few strands soaked in rose water is enough to heighten the taste to a different level.

Lamb chunks are used in this recipe, to retain the authentic taste but feel free to substitute with chicken or beef. The major distinction compared to other pilafs is the garnishing of glazed carrots, which makes it a healthier option.I shall leave you with the recipe, and do try it for your upcoming Iftars, or bookmark it for special occassion!

By the way, I am flattered that BBC Good Food Middle East and  BBC Good Food Asia have done a review of my mini cookbooks, and so glad that the Editorial team loved the chocolate torte and tomato soup recipes!Not only that, BBC GF Asia is also hosting a giveaway of 10 sets of my mini cookbooks to be won, for readers of BBC Good Food Asia! 

Thank you guys for the support!

For further details, have a look at the pdf tearsheets below, and hop over to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy for a chance to enter the giveaway. 


And if you do win, come back and leave a comment on how you like the recipes in the books!



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    Congrats Jehanne, you are such a versatile person!! Pilaf pics makes me hungry :)
    Your page makes me happy everytime I read your post, clean and crisp pictures and everytime something interesting to read :)

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    wow… congratulations… :) i am so happy for you… wish you lots of success in life… and the pilaf looks truly mouth watering… perfect iftar treat…

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