Spicy Red Lentil Soup

Things, as they seem on festive seasons are always busy. Good busy. Family gatherings, catching up with relatives, exchanging banters with spread of food on the table. I am not one to dampen the joyful mood but as I grow older, the celebration always leave me to ponder about the other side of table- those less fortunate who could not even afford regular meals or shelter over the head and here we are talking about the latest truffles or extravagant cakes!

Whilst this blog will never be political and will always centre around food ( I see you sigh with relief there!) it is just my rumination of thoughts, as I ladle another bowl of soup for serving, only this time it is not chicken soup for the soul but the easy lentil soup that graced our table every so often. I meant to share this as Iftar menu, alas here we are. Better late than never.

And since this soup is easy enough, I tend to make a large pot of this quite regularly, irrespective of seasons but they are best served for cold, balmy nights when you don’t like the idea of being barefoot in the kitchen for hours yet there are hungry mouths to be fed, so meals need to be prepared. The simmering bowl of lentil will take care of its own, leave them to thicken over gentle low heat and only stir before the final serving.

If you have a slow cooker, it is even easier. Having said that personally I am never a big fan of slow cooking- I like to potter about and make my presence in the kitchen and see the bubbling golden liquid staring back at me. That is when I feel at solitude, and wander away with my thoughts.

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  1. says

    So glad I finally founf a red lentil recipe I dare to try. LOL. I bought some before but was to scared to try. They turned bad. :-( Take 2!

    ~Jayne (www.tenacioustinkering.com)

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