Tuna Melt Panini

One of the most unfortunate things of a doctor’s life is the incessant amount of studying, or how we like to call it continuing medical education, CME. Sounds very plush, but the real nitty gritty to it is nothing but to be in perpetual state of a medical student, minus the fun of course. So to make those late night studying more fun again, I rope in the non-medic for nightly fiestas, especially after the baby is asleep. Breaks will be taken so regularly either to proof the bread, or gape in awe as the bloomer rise to its pride in the oven. Books and journals forgotten, but what ensues next is a platter of panini with varrious fillings and cheese.

To keep us awake, and to make us feel young again. Just like the uni days. Only this time we go gourmet, with homemade bread, heavy cast iron panini press and good quality mozarella- but the tuna in its humble can.

I don’t know which happens first- my desire to bake a bread or my desire to make panini out of the bread. Even though this is really nothing fancy but grilled cheese sandwich, somewhat I am ultra excited as this time I was adamant about getting those grill marks. Few minutes of heating the skillet and panini press were all it took to glue those bread together, with an almost charred golden beauty.

I am sorry if this recipe is lame. Really, this should not be a recipe, but the highlight is more on how to get the grill marks on homemade panini, and how to let home bread baking shine and make use of a rustic loaf, apart from dipping them in succulent soups.

Time time there won’t be measurements. It does not need to be exact, as the cheese that I love may not be your favourite, and you may want to swap tuna with something totally different. This is my favourite combination and it will be wrong not to share the idea with you. In case you need to relieve those uni days too, when the babies are sleeping and the night is forever young to dive into carb-cravings.
Tuna Melt Panini
2 slices from bloomer loaf
( or any bread you like)
1 can tuna
2 tbsp light mayo
salt and black pepper to season
mozarella cheese block- sliced
note: The tuna mayo can fill at least 3 sets of paninis.
Tool: Panini press ( I used Le Creuset panini press and skillet) or you can also use panini machine, normal heavy duty pan with  any cast iron skillet or pan to press. Choosing the grill skillet will give the added bonus of the desired grill marks.
1. In a bowl, mix the tuna with mayo, pepper and salt.
2. Spoon 2 tbsp of mix on a slice of bloomer, and top with mozarella slices. I did not spread any butter on the loaf slices but feel free to use low fat spread for extra indulgence.
3. Heat the panini press (directly on the fire or induction) and grill skillet on the stove.
4. Place the sandwich and press for few minutes, flip and brown the other side.
5. Serve warm.

This dish has been submitted to Yeastspotting.

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  1. says

    My brother is currently a houseman and I know how horribly busy he gets! It’s a marvel how you manage to get tome to bake, cook and even man this blog. Salute! I wish I owned a panini press. I’m pretty sure I can do this with my grill pan so I should get off to try it.

    ~Jayne (http://tenacioustinkering.com)

  2. says

    Ahh, u make me feel so less now.. How well u handle the different roles of life in spite of the busy schedule :) Loved those grill marks, gawking in wonder at those loafs & wondering when I can make something like those :) And tuna is my fav too in a sandwich, easy & tasty !!

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