Tuna Pasta Bake ( in Video) , & Sainsbury’s Eat Well for Less

Those in the UK will be more than familiar with Sainsbury’s. Just like many supermarkets in the UK, one can easily find some recipes attached to either the products packaging or on their website. There is now a conscious movement by supermarkets to promote healthy eating, what better when they are also within budget! Although my cooking style can be at times without following any recipe, I love to browse those supermarket website recipes for ideas, especially weeknight meals.

I am honoured when I was asked by Sainsbury’s to try out and video one of their recipes, themed ‘Live Well for Less’- budget healthy meal is something that we practice at home, and you’d be amazed with the choices that I was given. Meal ideas are divided into categories such as comfort food, simple suppers, no-fuss food, classic meals with a twist but what really intrigued me is how easy they are for quick family dinners. I decided to try out their Tuna Pasta Bake, mainly because it has really minimal ingredients and I wanted to know how it would taste like, without any addition of onion, garlic let alone your fancy schmancy stuff.
Really basic and simple recipe, with quick-fix ingredients like tuna in a can, ready-made tomato sauce ( or you can make them homemade and freeze for months ), sweetcorn, aromatic parsley ( I also added some homegrown basil), and good dose of cheddar cheese topping.
Let’s watch the video that I prepared, it was a fun project and we really enjoyed the meal after less than 35 minutes!
Their original recipe suggests addition of breadcrumbs for added crunch, which I was more than happy to follow as I have some homemade thyme infused breadcrumbs at hand, I will share the recipe here real soon. As you can see on the video I halved the original recipe, only to suit our small family. But on hindsight, it would be great to make a huge batch and freeze them for later, especially for busy week ahead.
I hope you enjoy the video and do check out Sainsbury’s website for the this recipe and many more. This is certainly the best video project I have done so far, as this time I am the camerawoman!


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